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I’m thrilled you’d like to find out about how you can work with me – a certified profit first professional coach. My expertise enables me to help small businesses streamline operations and increase efficiency. To put it another way, I help with the stuff below the surface. These foundations allow you to show up more powerfully to serve your customers better. Consequently, your business will be more effective in accomplishing more, with less effort and fewer resources. As a result, your profitability will increase, and your business will enjoy the benefits of sustainable bottom line growth.

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on your business to help you see the things that you can’t. Have you ever experienced the overwhelm that comes with having to REACT all of the time? Reacting leads to poor decisions and a decrease in efficiency. Wouldn’t it be nicer to be proactive and in a position to be able to make smart choices, because you are prepared? Being too caught up in the whirlwind of keeping the business afloat is keeping you stuck from achieving your big goals.

When hiring a certified profit first professional, you can rest assured knowing that your business’ best interests will be well taken care of. With this intention, this investment will change the way you think about and create your profitability!

Here’s how we can work together:

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Create your A-Team

A swipe file with everything you need to hire the right people, at the right price, for the right jobs — with less hassle and lost time on your part!

  • Checklist
  • On-boarding resources
  • Hiring guide
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Profitability Growth Assessment

Get a strategic map to boost your bottom line from day one, without any hidden dark corners


  • Intake call
  • A “Where Do You Stand?” assessment
  • Customized report with 12 month profit growth roll out plan
  • Follow up call to explain report and answer any questions
  • Find out: Are you drowning in your business? Are you paying yourself enough? Can you afford to bring on a team member, or more team members?

Profit Engineering

No more wasting money or time on the wrong things. Set up your business for streamlined success and boost your bottom line with a customized strategic operations map, and done-with-you execution, for more focus and less overwhelm.

Customized coaching and consulting services to help you attain your goals quickly and with more ease.

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