Ash Ahern is a speaker and money mindset coach who believes that you can have all of the best tools at your disposal, but if your beliefs, habits, mindset and mission don’t align, reaching your goals will always feel just out of reach. Founder of “The Expansionists” she is passionate about sharing her purpose and message of expansion and abundance far and wide.
Born and raised in Northern Alberta, she was not unfamiliar with limiting money mindsets. She was taught “money doesn’t grow on trees” and money is made through “hard work.” Growing up she watched as her parents struggle with money. These days, through much inward reflection, she has changed her relationship with money and helps her clients do the same.
Ash shares a little bit of her upbringing in Alberta, Canada and money story.
She discusses some of the challenges she faced in establishing herself in her career and as an entrepreneur.
Ash gives some perspective, ideas, and tips for people to start creating financial prosperity and abundance in their lives.
Ash shares the single most important word that has guided her career to a place of success.
She talks about planning, and how to effectively change your situation through effective tracking.
Ash discusses her upcoming speaking schedule and the Expansion Live retreat she is planning.
“I was always into the arts, creativity, and music… It wasn’t really values in that community at that time.”
“I want to pursue my passion, but I’m not making any money.”
“Follow what lights you up and do what you love, because at the end of the day, that’s what matters most in life.”
“As much as I wanted to serve the people who really needed my help, I felt disempowered, I didn’t feel abundant at all because I was constantly working with the poor.”
“These people were in desperate situations and their mindsets were completely different.”
“You can keep repeating the same year over and over and over if you don’t look back and identify what happened.”
“What kind of activities could you do this year to fulfill what you’re hoping for?”