Authority Builder Bootcamp

Turn Testimonials into Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool!

The Key to Skyrocketing Credibility & Attracting Your Ideal Clients?

It’s Not  What YOU Say...

It's What THEY Say About You!

Every successful business owner knows the unmatched power of authentic testimonials & case studies. They're the gold standard of trust - the bridge that turns curious prospects into committed clients.

But how do you gather, refine, and utilize them effectively?

Enter the Authority Building Bootcamp

Your ultimate guide to mastering the art of testimonials.

What’s Inside this Transformational Bootcamp?

Proven Techniques

Discover how to obtain testimonials that go beyond "they did a great job" to ones that tackle client objections head-on.

Integration Mastery:

Learn where and how to incorporate these testimonials seamlessly into your marketing – maximizing their impact.

Ongoing Testimonial Systems:

Never run out of fresh, relevant content with our strategies for continual testimonial collection.

Why the Authority Building Bootcamp?

In today's saturated market, prospects are often skeptical. Every claim you make? They've heard it before. But what they can't ignore are the genuine, enthusiastic endorsements of your satisfied clients.

This bootcamp will equip you with the tools to harness the power of testimonials and position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.

What Will You Gain?

Proven Techniques

To solicit testimonials that not only sing your praises but address potential client concerns so you can boost conversion rates.

Actionable Strategies

Discover exactly how to seamlessly integrate these testimonials and social proof into your marketing materials – from your website to pitches.

Expert Guidance

Discover how to implement a streamlined system to continually gather and refresh this invaluable user-generated content on autopilot.

Live Feedback

Stop collecting information and TAKE ACTION - get live feedback during the workshop on how to maximize your testimonials so you can avoid collecting lukewarm content and instead generate compelling narratives that resonate with prospects.

But...Will This Really Work for Me?

Absolutely. Whether you're a seasoned freelancer, an emerging agency, or anywhere in between, the principles of authority-building remain the same. This bootcamp has distilled these principles into actionable steps tailored for professionals like you.

Bonuses Just for You

Sign up now, and you'll also receive:

🎁 Testimonial Request Templates:

Perfectly crafted templates to solicit valuable testimonials. Includes different variations for several client types!

🎁 Strategic Placement Guide:

From your website to your email signature, know exactly where to showcase your testimonials for maximum effect.

Your Investment

Unlock the secrets of authority-building for just $20 USD & 2 hours of your time.

Considering the transformative potential of this bootcamp for your business, it's an investment you can't afford to miss.

Save Time

With our proven strategies and turn-key solution so you don't have to figure it all out on your own

Build Trust

By leveraging content generated by your own clients so you don't have to toot your own horn all the time

Get Ahead

By implementing a system that helps you generate consistent leads so you can win back your freedom

Show Don't Tell

Let your work speak for itself. Instead of telling everyone how great you are, your clients can demonstrate it for you.

What Past Clients Are Saying ...

"I've been exploring the idea of building a funnel but I wasn't sure where to start. Alison took me through the entire process of creating a funnel and helped me come up with an easy-to-follow plan & fail-proof strategy. I'm no longer scared of the unknown and can't wait to activate my funnel!"

Blair Kaplan Venebles - Blair Kaplan Communications

"Ever hear the saying "you can't read the label from inside the bottle"? That's why I booked a Funnel Mapping Session. I "get" funnels... it's my core business - but sometimes we get bogged down and we get stuck. Alison helped me map out a winning strategy for my next promo."

Cody Burch - List Builder Lab

"Alison's Covert Strong Program helped me FINAlLY gain clarity around my signature program. I had started to map it out on my own but was spinning my wheels. Alison made the process more simple and effective with a step-by-step approach. I feel SO much more confident about my program which is invaluable to me."

Michelle Lall - LALL Nutrition

"Alison's CONVERT STRONG program is excellent. It is filled with content and templates that MAKE SENSE. I have purchased several online courses and CONVERT STRONG is, by far, the best one!"

Diana Miret - The Business Profit Coach

“Alison is scrupulous and professional, with a very clear understanding of funnels and what makes them work I highly recommend her for her strategic thinking as well as her company’s abilities to execute.”

Donna Brown - Donna Brown Design & Branding

“Alison helps build systems that help you stay organized so you can use your time on the things that matter. If it can be streamlined or automated in some way, Alison is the secret weapon you need to make it happen.”

Carin Smolinski - ABC International School Tokyo

Spaces are limited to ensure personalized attention.


You already offer tremendous value to your clients.

It's time the world knows it.

Let's harness the power of testimonials and set you on a path to undeniable authority in your field.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Authority Building Bootcamp

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking to boost credibility and attract more clients, this is for you.

Perfect! This bootcamp will equip you with strategies to start collecting impactful testimonials right away.

The live bootcamp runs for approximately 60 - 90 minutes, with additional time allocated for Q&A.

The live bootcamp will be hosted online via video conferencing software. You'll receive the Zoom link via email prior to the workshop. You don't have to show up on video, though!

You'll get the date and time of the live workshop well in advance. However, if you can't make it live and don't want to wait until the next live workshop, you can access the replay of the live workshop for up to 72 hours after the event.

If you purchase the LIVE workshop, you'll get access to the recording for 72 hours after the event. If you want unlimited access to the recording, you can upgrade to the Authority Builder Bootcamp Accelerator (which includes 3 additional workshop mastermind calls with hotseats, plus unlimited access to the recording of the workshop).

I get it - even though we provide time-saving templates, sometimes it's just faster to hit that "easy" button and get some extra help. You can upgrade to the Workshop Accelerator (which includes 3 additional workshop mastermind calls with hotseats so you can get your questions answered, as well as unlimited access to the recording). Or you could book an intensive with me, where we could work together for a day to implement these systems right into your business so you can simply cross it off your list and know you have a reliable, and automated authority building machine running in your business on autopilot.

Jennifer Crego, Founder Type B Studio

"Alison has a strategic brain that you want focused on your business. She asked me questions that I had never thought to ask myself about my business. One workshop with Alison and I'm a big fan!"

Paul Newton, Photographer & Founder Otonomy

"Another successful workshop from Alison. There are few people who pack as much tangible information into their workshops as Alison. It isn't just theories, but actions you can start taking today."

Ready to Elevate Your Authority?

The strategies you'll gain from this bootcamp will help you attract the kinds of clients you LOVE working with. And at just $27, it's not just an investment in your marketing — it's an investment in your business's future.