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Maat Van Uitert helps people start their online businesses. Beginning as a blogger, Maat’s blog quickly grew to reach 1.5 million people. She began earning thousands of dollars a month with courses, sales funnels and other products, and decided that other people could create the business they have been dreaming of as well.
Maat describes how she started her blog and what happened as a result.
Maat tells Alison about what she uses to generate revenue from her blog.
She discusses what needed to happen to get from hobby blog to six figure business, including mistakes she’s made and systems she needed to put in place.
She also explains why she’s hesitant to outsource tasks or hire a team.
Maat describes the people she most enjoys working with
She talks about overcoming her fear of video, all of the courses she offers, and how she avoids running into people who won’t invest in her services
“One mistake I made early on was not segmenting my audiences and not surveying my audiences”
“Video is becoming more and more important”
“The first time I took video of myself I was actually shaking”
“You can really get to know somebody just by hearing their voice”
“It’s really about the 80/20 rule and it’s really about also knowing your value”
“If they question the price, I kind of question their level of commitment”