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Jessica Hansen is a mother of four children, two dogs, nine hens, and a rooster. She is an entrepreneur, and has had her own businesses since she was 19 years old. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance and is a certified Master Gardener. Her mission in life is to make her clients sparkle from the inside out.
Jessica works with clients to empower build business women up, and help them feel successful, heard, and empowered! She invites them to engage with her systems to create their own version of success – earning six-figures in their online businesses. Her program enables women to gain confidence in themselves and shine bright!
Jessica shares how she found her passion, and how she began doing the work she’s currently doing.
Alison and Jessica discuss fulfillment, and how life isn’t always about money or material possessions.
They discuss coaching in it’s various forms and the benefits of working with multiple people. They also relate back and forth about negative social media posts.
Jessica brings up clarity, and why it’s so important to clarify anything you’re confused about.
“How can I help make other people happy?”
“What is it that you are living for?”
“If you’re working with somebody and you just don’t resonate with them, you’re not on the same wavelength, it’s not going to be a positive experience.”
“A confused mind doesn’t buy.”
“It’s about language, it’s about how you talk, how your write, how your ads are coming across.”