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Sales generate cash – the lifeblood of your business. This is the fundamental building block of every business.


After sales comes profitability. Run a lean business with good margins to make sure you don’t ever have to wonder “where did all the cash go?”.


When your cash and profit is dialed in, it’s time to get your business systems and processes working like clockwork.


In the fourth stage we can start to turn our attention to how our business can help make a greater impact in the world around us.


At the top of the hierarchy, we focus our attention on the legacy and permanence that your business will cultivate.


and instantly pinpoint what you need to do next for your business (coming soon).

The Convert Strong Radio Show

The Convert Strong Radio Show, hosted by Founding Fixer, Alison Beierlein, is set to release in Spring 2020. Don’t miss a beat – subscribe to the podcast using the RSS feed!

Our Mission:

Say “NO” To Overwhelm and Feeling Like You Have to Fix EVERYTHING Now
Get clarity on the one, next, VITAL area of your business to focus on

Make the VITAL Change That Will Level Up Your Small Business

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I've been exploring the idea of building a funnel but I wasn't sure where to start. Alison took me through the entire process of creating a funnel and helped me come up with an easy-to-follow plan & failproof strategy. I'm no longer scared of the unknown and can't wait to activate my funnel!

Blair Kaplan, Founder @ The Resiliency Project

Alison is so helpful and extremely talented when servicing the needs of her clients. She is easy to talk to and doesn't hesitate to help you get the results that you need by creating systems and processes so that you can build your brand. Thank you Alison!

Yolanda Yoshi-Dye, CEO @ Fresh Tracks Leadership Development

My business had gotten away from me; I had so many ideas, but I kept running into brick walls, and I was stuck on how to move forward. Alison has the background and the knowledge to help make suggestions on how to cut through the noise. She showed me how to prioritize effectively, how to make progress on my new current focus. I’ve now got control of my ideas again, and they’re all coming out to play! If you have passion and want to let fly with your ideas, I highly recommend getting on an introduction call with Alison. She’ll have you past the overwhelm and into the work before you know it!

Nicole Cherlet, Owner @ Big Mountain Kitchen & Linen

Alison has a strategic brain that you want focused on your business. She asked me questions that I had never thought to ask myself about my business. One workshop with Alison and I'm a big fan!

Jennifer Crego, Owner @ Type B Studio

Alison is scrupulous and professional, with a very clear understanding of funnels and what makes them work I highly recommend her for her strategic thinking as well as her company’s abilities to execute.

Donna Brown, Owner @