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Derek Alvarez has been creating art since he was 3 years old. One of his drawings was exhibited on a nation-wide tour at age 12. He earned an art scholarship to the University of Arizona, focusing on oil painting, graduating in 2004, Magna cum Laude. He began selling his oil paintings while still in college, exhibiting his work in Scottsdale, Arizona and New York City. His work can be found in several public and private collections throughout the country. Currently, he is working as a full-time artist while traveling with his wife and two sons, and shipping his artwork throughout the world.

Derek is an artist running his own business while he travels the world with his wife and two toddlers. He’s innovated ways to still paint and get art to his clients without having to drag canvases and art supplies from country to country. He can really speak to finding ways to disrupt and innovate in your field to fit your lifestyle.


Derek gives a short look at how things got started and how he keeps things balanced between his career and his family.
He explains how he goes about painting even though he doesn’t have the ability to pack up all of his physical supplies when he travels.
Derek talks about creativity and mathematics. He describes the importance of applying creativity to his own life, not just on the canvas, but outside of it as well.
Derek stresses adaptation, and how crucial it is for the survival of things.


“That’s what inspired me to have kids, just how much they love their kids here.”

“There’s always noise, there’s always craziness happening.”

“It’s applying creativity to my own life.”

“Once you learn those techniques, it’s more like mathematics.”

“Some of these big corporations that fall, they’re like dinosaurs, they don’t adapt.”

“If you just work within the system that has already been created for you, you’re just going to be another cog in that system.”