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Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Jaime Maguire is currently traveling around the world on a one way ticket. After exploring South and Central America, she has moved to Canada and is currently living in a small mountain town of Pemberton, British Columbia.
Like many others, from her teens to her early twenties she struggled with poor body image and negative self talk which developed into an eating disorder spanning approximately five years of her life. During this time in her life she attempted to get help using many different avenues without success. She eventually came to terms with the fact that she would have to make it on her own, and she did.
Jaime is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and is an ANTA Member. It is now her dream and mission to help others and to provide a place for them to turn in these situations.
On her blog she has been writing about the highs and lows of being a traveling nutritionist. She loves to write research based articles as well as nutrition and travel posts. Her aim now is to focus on continuing education in nutritional psychology and mental health.
Jaime talks about a moment in her life when she went from having an eating disorder to figuring out what she needed to do to create a better life for herself.
Jaime shares a great first step for someone who wants to change their eating habits.
She gives some tools and insights for people who are struggling to stay on the healthy side of life.
Jaime tells Alison about superfoods and which she likes to work with most.
She talks about the healing properties of food and how various foods can aide in the healing of different ailments.
“Doing small things, even if they seem insignificant at the time is the best way to move forward.”
“The more positive things you add, the more negative things you shed just naturally”
“Every moment is a new moment, and it’s a new moment to start over and it’s a new moment to get motivated again.”