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Edna Keep is a real estate millionaire, a coach and author of Multiple Ways to Wealth. Her passion is helping real estate investors around the world make millions while investing in real estate. She is also host of the 2017 3-day event the Prairie Real Estate Forum.
Alison asks Edna about how she got into real estate in the first place.
Edna explains how someone with a middle of the road income could get their start in real estate, and relates to her own story.
She discusses why it’s so important for people to invest in themselves.
Edna explains the value of partnerships, and why they are worth looking into.
She talks about different types of properties and how to know which is right for you.
“We knew we couldn’t do it alone”
“The best thing we ever did was invest in ourselves”
“Partner with people who know what they’re doing as opposed to trying to figure it all out by yourself.”
“We’re the ones who know what we’re doing. We’re the ones with the experience.”
“Managing expectations is so important up front.”
“No matter what’s happening in the economy, people need a place to live.”
“Don’t take your coaching or advice from people who haven’t done what you want to do.”