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Samantha Alvarez is a Linguistic Rockstar! She is a world traveler, digital nomad, nurse practitioner, online teacher, university faculty, polyglot, musician and mindful human being who wants to help people become the best possible version of themselves.
In 2013, after burning out in the healthcare industry, she took time off to travel and learn languages, simultaneously sating two of my deepest desires. She has since visited 26 countries and lived in 11 of them on 5 continents. She has held dozens of online jobs, speaks a half dozen languages, and has started a myriad of various online businesses.
Samantha explains how it all got started, and the growth she had after discovering her passion for culture, travel and language.
Alison and Samantha discuss goal setting, and breaking things down into a plan, and how it can be of huge benefit.
Samantha talks about her method of learning languages, how she found it, and the role fear plays in holding back learning.
Sam and Alison share their language learning experiences and swap stories about learning German.
“Have a really clear goal.”
“If your dream is vague, you won’t find it.”
“It has to be relevant in your life, and it has to engage your emotions.”
“Overcoming that fear is one of the most important things you can do in learning a language quickly.”
“We only care about things when they’re imminent.”
“Boredom is death.”
“The hardest language to learn is the one you don’t want to learn.”