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Danny Young is on a mission to help entrepreneurs learn how to successfully grow their businesses online using social media and the Internet. He is passionate about home-based business and helping others understand what is truly possible if they follow their dreams.

Doing exactly that, he was able to escape a 20 year career in the corporate world to work from home in 2013. Now he empowers others to do the same through his leadership, coaching and mentoring. His latest training program, the Online Marketing Masterclass just launched in March 2017.

Danny explains the catalyst that made him change his outlook on a 20 year career, and what changes he had to make in order to get more out of his work/life relationship.
He and Alison discuss mindset, and how hard it can be to relate to early on, but how increasingly important it becomes as you build your business.
Danny shares some of the challenges he faced when getting potential clients and customers to work with him, and he gives a book recommendation that helped him to overcome some of it.
He talks about some of the social media marketing lessons he’s learned and shares a few insights that people can implement right away.
Danny and Alison discuss mentorship and coaching, as well as the impact both can have on a person’s success in business.

“It just wasn’t conducive to me being a great dad.”
“Everybody has to have a strong “why”.”
“You have to put the work in on yourself to make those things happen.”
“What I needed to do was get in front of people and share the idea with them.”
“Procrastination is a major challenge for many entrepreneurs.”
“There’s definitely a balance that people need to find.”

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