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Bailey, also known as the HAPPY MAKER {extraordinaire}, struggled for many years, playing the victim, blaming other people for her negative life. It wasn’t until she found herself crying on the bathroom floor a few too many times that she made the conscious decision to start choosing happiness in her own life. She is a certified coach and host of the Life By Design Live event in Red Deer Albert and she is mission to make a BIG impact in our society by spreading her message to as many people as possible.
What is that message? Stop playing the victim. Stop saying “I wish I could”. Stop thinking that someone else is coming to save you from a life that you are tolerating because you are 100% responsible for the choices you make in your life. It is up to you to start choosing happiness.
Bailey tells Alison what her life looked like from the outside, as well as explains what was actually happening behind the scenes.
Bailey shares the reason she was unhappy with her life, and how she went about turning her life into one she enjoys.
She talks about how writing your own obituary can be a revealing process.
Alison and Bailey relate about spending money on themselves and how it can be hard to justify at times.
Bailey shares some insights around having goals and an action plan.
Bailey gives tips and tricks that you can implement immediately to improve your current situation.
“It’s so interesting what society perceives everyday people’s lives to look like from the outside versus what we’re feeling on the inside”
“When I have too many days in a row where I’m doing shit that I do not like doing, that is a problem”
“What are people going to remember me by?”
“All you need is this little tiny eye-opener”
“Take one step out of the box. Amazing things happen out there”