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Dana is rocking her business by embracing her past as a Dominatrix so she can pull that into her work as a Master Healer and Life Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs claim their power so they can be trail blazers in their fields. Dana is also the host of her own popular podcast “The Inner Dominatrix”.
Dana has been on her own journey of self healing and discovery and believes that self-judgment is the single biggest reason women aren’t bolder in their lives and businesses. She writes: “Most are not willing to take a chance, because they’re not willing to make the wrong choice. So they hesitate, and the bigger and bolder the choice is, the more risk there is of it being the wrong one.”
In Dana’s past as a registered massage therapist, she was willing to lose everything, to surrender into bankruptcy. Instead of desperately clinging onto something, Dana was able to reach out for something different, something even better.  She believes that when you resist failing you don’t play full out, you don’t dive in and take the opportunities and risks that will propel your business forward. But when you surrender and let go, you lose that heavy, serious energy.
Today Dana empowers and teaches her clients how to step into their power, become super confident, rock their businesses and have fun doing it all.
Dana paints a picture of her business bankruptcy, and shares some of the key factors and tools she developed to create something better from it.
She talks about self judgement and how it can be turned around, as well as the benefits of doing so.
Alison and Dana talk about limitations, and being able to let go.
Dana explains energy a bit, and talks about conditioning, and how people bring on energy that isn’t theirs to worry about.
“So many people think that dominatrix is sex… It’s actually not about sex.”
“I really genuinely stopped making myself wrong.”
“Maybe you did that for the last 40 years, doesn’t mean you have to do it for the next 40.”
“It creates huge freedom when you’re willing to lose.”