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How would you feel if your small business could run like clockwork?



Imagine – everything practically on autopilot in your small business, while you enjoy your ideal lifestyle and have time for the things that matter to you!



This doesn’t have to be a pipe dream! With the right strategy and habits, you can turn your business from your biggest time-suck, into your ticket to freedom. As a result, your business can work FOR YOU.

You know you want to help more people. You want to be able to give back. You want to make a positive impact and build your legacy.

BUT, you’re stuck in a business model that is holding you back and making it nearly impossible to take the next step. Not that you don’t love the work you’re doing – you do! You love your clients and you’re helping them in incredible ways.

The problem is more that you’re not able to help as many people as you’d like. So you’re working crazy hours. You’re going above and beyond. But, you’re also burning out. It’s not sustainable. And if you don’t make a change, you won’t be able to help ANYONE!

The good news is, that there are ways you can redesign your business model to leverage your time better. As a result, you can help MORE people. You can boost your bottom line. You can bake “giving” right into your business so it doesn’t become an afterthought. And you can do it all and still pay yourself well for the work you do.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

1. Assess your products and services – does your pricing account for the cost of acquiring the sale and have enough margin to cover a support team and other overheads in addition to your pay, taxes, and a profit margin?

2. Do you have systems that streamline your processes and are you employing automation as much as possible?

3. Can you determine what kinds of tasks you should be doing, vs what you can easily delegate?

4. Do you know how to get your new team members up to speed and creating value to your business quickly, as opposed to having to explain everything to them yourself (over and over)?

5. Do you have a handle on your work performance. Specifically, are you able to focus on the key deliverables that will push the needle closer to achieving your goals in an effective way?

6. Is there someone in your corner to hold you accountable and make sure you’re not doing work for work’s sake, just to avoid the parts of your business that make you uncomfortable?

7. Do you have a mentor that can shorten your learning curve and help you get results faster, without wasting time on strategies that don’t work?

8. Are you able to get into the right mindset for success so you can bounce back from failures?

9. Do you eliminate as much waste as possible throughout your day, so you amplify the ROI of your time?

10. Have you developed positive habits that help you preserve mental capacity and decision making power for the things that really matter?

11. Do you know when and under which circumstances you are most effective?

12. How regularly do you batch together tasks so you’re not wasting time in transitions all day?

13. Do you know when to ask for help or do you let your pride get in the way?

14. Are you able to say “no” to things that don’t contribute to your success?

15. Can you give up your need for “perfection” enough to actually just get something done?

16. Are you able to give up your control enough to delegate outcomes (not just tasks) to your team?

17. Do you cultivate a team based on trust and motivation to achieve a purposeful mission?

18. Are you connected to your WHY so you can pursue your purpose with fervor?

19. In every decision you make in your business, are you acting with integrity to your purpose, your values, and your goals?

20. Do you have a deep understanding of your unique value proposition?

Achieving a business that is profitable and sustainable that also provides you with true liberation for your ideal lifestyle is NOT magic. It is available to you if you follow some simple steps consistently and put in the work to gain clarity on the things I mentioned above.

If you’re interested in getting some customized feedback on your specific business, take advantage of a FREE consultation. Book yours today!