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Simon Crowe has over 10 years experience changing lives. He has taught in Italy, the UK and Spain for 8 years and has a Master’s degree in Media Technology.
He has led leadership and communication programs for some of the largest banks and corporations in the UK. Simon has trained hundreds of coaches and has spoken at transformational events all around the world. He specializes in coaching successful, energetic people with bold visions for what they want to create and experience.
Simon explains how he found coaching, and what it was about the industry and the art of coaching  itself that pushed him to do it professionally.
He describes the journey from business coaching to personal coaching, and the inspirations and motivations behind making the transition.
Simon talks about the role that support plays in success, and why it’s important to ask people for help.
He shares some of his travels, and the passionate projects he and other coaches are working on in different area of the world. He also talks about the community development work he’s been involved in.
“Small businesses are easier to get into than large organizations.”
“My business becomes a reflection of me and I become a reflection of my business.”
“We help them stretch into new and unexplored territory, we help them to drawn an inner strength and find resilience.”
“You can’t expect other people to do things that you wouldn’t be prepared to do for yourself.”
“Anything can be achieved if you can start to get into that inner state, that mental space where you know that anything is possible.”