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Jaime is a wife of 13 years, mother of four small boys & a successful six-figure entrepreneur. She founded her organic skincare company after seeing a business plan in a dream six years ago. Then last year Jaime started The HER Effect® a movement to inspire and equip women to take action in pursuit of their dreams, giving them all that is necessary for inner transformation and legacy impact.
Jaime tells Alison about how she came up with her business plan, and how she got it off the ground initially.
She talks about the first year, and what pulled her through to build a successful businesses.
Jaime discusses how she works with clients to attain what they want out of their business life.
Alison and Jaime elaborate on the importance of having a business oriented mind, and how sometimes having a skill or talent isn’t enough to create a successful and profitable business model.
Jaime shares some tips on how to track down the very first clients in a business.
Alison gets Jaime to disclose the one thing she would change, if she got a single do-over.
“It’s the power of good research and good product building”
“There’s something about a vision that pulls you forward”
“My newborn needed a coat, and we didn’t have $5 to buy him a coat”
“It’s never been a matter of ‘Can I?’ Or ‘Am I made for this?’ It’s more a matter of ‘How can I?’”
“The more profit we can make, the more impact we can have”
“Being able to emote and sell your ‘why’ in an authentic way is a big part”