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Behind-the-scenes insights on the journey of building a lean, profitable, 1-person business.

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Hey, I’m Alison, and I am starting to rebuild my business from the ground up.

Starting with no list, no social media following, and no revenue.

Let me give you some context...

In 2018, I launched a digital agency and grew it into a profitable venture.

In 2000, one of my private clients made me an offer to come to join their team as Operations Manager full-time.

But the entrepreneurial spark never died.

I just can’t continue to ignore this longing to make an even bigger impact and help even more businesses thrive.

Now, I'm reigniting my journey, rebuilding a side-business from scratch, and I'm inviting you to witness every step of this adventure.

I have a unique opportunity here!

Why not share my experiences so others can benefit?

Essentially, I’ll be able to demonstrate the good, the bad, and the ugly behind the scenes of this new venture.

I’ll share the strategies I’m using and why and how they’re working!

You get an opportunity to look behind the curtain.

Introducing The Journey

The Journey is your unfiltered, front-row seat to watching me build a profitable online business from the ground up. Nothing is off-limits. I'm baring it all.


The exact stats behind my workshops and programs (how many leads I get, how much I make, and how I manage the delivery of my offers).


    My planning process for the rest of the year: launching a new community, and a new high-ticket offer (my day rates).

    How I choose which platforms to invest in and which programs or courses I buy and why.

    Lessons Learned:

    The exact steps I'm taking to hit my revenue goals in a way that allows me to have freedom and flexibility to do all the other things I have going on in my life.

    And when something inevitably doesn't work, I'll share that too.

Here's EXACTLY what you'll get:

Private dispatches (intimate, exclusive newsletters)

See what's working, what's not working, how I manage my schedule, revenue, expenses, planning, strategy, ...).

Launch reports

See how I'm creating / tweaking products and offers, and learn from launch debriefs. 

Membership area

Never worry about trying to find that special insight in your inbox again - access all dispatches and bonus resources in a handy members-only portal.

Bonuses Just for You


Convos over coffee:
Join the other members for a laid-back, monthly office hours Q&A call so we can chat through your questions, what you're implementing, and how to make it better.


Exclusive discounts:

Enjoy exclusive discounts on workshops and courses. The value of these discounts far exceeds the price of your monthly membership fee!

What Past Clients Are Saying ...

"I've been exploring the idea of building a funnel but I wasn't sure where to start. Alison took me through the entire process of creating a funnel and helped me come up with an easy-to-follow plan & fail-proof strategy. I'm no longer scared of the unknown and can't wait to activate my funnel!"

Blair Kaplan Venebles - Blair Kaplan Communications

"Ever hear the saying "you can't read the label from inside the bottle"? That's why I booked a Funnel Mapping Session. I "get" funnels... it's my core business - but sometimes we get bogged down and we get stuck. Alison helped me map out a winning strategy for my next promo."

Cody Burch - List Builder Lab

"Alison's Covert Strong Program helped me FINAlLY gain clarity around my signature program. I had started to map it out on my own but was spinning my wheels. Alison made the process more simple and effective with a step-by-step approach. I feel SO much more confident about my program which is invaluable to me."

Michelle Lall - LALL Nutrition

"Alison's CONVERT STRONG program is excellent. It is filled with content and templates that MAKE SENSE. I have purchased several online courses and CONVERT STRONG is, by far, the best one!"

Diana Miret - The Business Profit Coach

“Alison is scrupulous and professional, with a very clear understanding of funnels and what makes them work I highly recommend her for her strategic thinking as well as her company’s abilities to execute.”

Donna Brown - Donna Brown Design & Branding

“Alison helps build systems that help you stay organized so you can use your time on the things that matter. If it can be streamlined or automated in some way, Alison is the secret weapon you need to make it happen.”

Carin Smolinski - ABC International School Tokyo

Frequently Asked Questions

You get:

  • private dispatches (newsletter roughly 1x a week or more)
  • launch reports
  • private membership portal so all the content and resources are quick and easy to access in one convenient spot
  • convos over coffee (a monthly q&a session with members of The Journey to ask questions and get help)
  • exclusive member discounts on digital programs (workshops and courses)

Nope. You can cancel at any time. There is no annual option, just pay per month and stay for as long as you're finding value.

Via a private email and members-only portal where you can browse the archives.

A few reasons.

  1. To take the guesswork out FOR YOU. You get the behind-the-scenes support.
  2. To keep me accountable. Like everyone, I have big goals and I still get distracted. This keeps me on track. It's a win-win.
  3. I’ve seen a few of my peers create offers like this over the past year and a) I purchased memberships and am loving the value I get from them, and b) I was inspired to do the same. It feels like a really aligned way to serve and help others in a low-stress way. I’m going to be doing all this work ANYWAY as I relaunch, so I might as well document it!

My name is Alison and I built up a profitable micro-agency before burning it down to take a 9-5 job that my client offered me. I still work in that job, helping to grow a profitable, multi-7-figure business. But I have an entrepreneurial itch I have to scratch, so now I’m rebuilding a side-business and documenting the journey in detail.

Everyone is paying monthly. It gives us more flexibility (for you and for me). We don't have to commit to a year. Let's build together, month by month, and you can cancel anytime.

I track my business growth with a custom built Airtable Dashboard. You can grab it for 1 payment of $47 when you check out. Once I launch this, I’ll share how many members have grabbed the dashboard (told ya I was being transparent!).

Jennifer Crego, Founder Type B Studio

"Alison has a strategic brain that you want focused on your business. She asked me questions that I had never thought to ask myself about my business. One workshop with Alison and I'm a big fan!"

Paul Newton, Photographer & Founder Otonomy

"Another successful workshop from Alison. There are few people who pack as much tangible information into their workshops as Alison. It isn't just theories, but actions you can start taking today."

Do you want to join me on The Journey?

I've only ever shared these intimate details about my business with my closest, most trusted allies and coaches up until now.

This is your opportunity to binge watch the ebbs and flows, ups and downs of my business re-building journey.

Use these insights to save time, avoid pitfalls, and achieve your goals faster.

At $7 per month, how can you resist?