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Linda Brogan is a multi award-winning playwright. She was on attachment at the National Theatre, and Contact Theatre, before being produced at The Royal Exchange, The Royal Court, BBC Radio, The Arcola, and The Traverse. Her last play Speechless did a critically acclaimed 4* UK tour.
Her focus is on liberation from the constraints of colour, gender and class. She is currently working on a fascinating project funded by Art’s Council England which she shares during the interview.
Linda talks about her journey into the arts and how she got started in writing, despite being diverted into a much more rebellious and colorful life.
Linda talks about her current project, involving the club she used to work in, The Reno, and the challenges and struggles revolving race, gender and age.
She shares a pivotal moment that brought her back to her writing
Linda shares the goal behind her project, and the result she hopes to achieve, as well as the challenges she’s faced in getting it done.
Alison asks Linda what decisions she’s made consciously to shift her world, and what happened naturally.
Linda discusses how she found the Reno, and how she came to be a part of its’ history.
“All of my life has been about this project”
“They tell the stories that they want to tell…”
“I wouldn’t be able to think the way I think as a writer, as a playwright, as an artist and as a person who wants to change the world for people like me without having gone to the Reno”
“I do not want to be married to a man who wears identical jackets to his friends in his 30’s”
“Each time that fear’s removed, I’m that bit stronger”
“You just know something in their eyes that’s in your heart too”