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Consulting Services

Need to get some perspective from an experienced and qualified professional? Let’s co-create together. During our strategy sessions, we will craft your profit plan, uncover un-tapped earning potential, and develop your business strategy. Draw on my expertise so you can grow, without having to double your efforts.

We’ll dive deep and get you unstuck, so you can move forward with confidence. These sessions are great to use for your quarterly planning, annual reviews, or any time you want to take your business up to the next level with clarity.

There are three ways to work together on your strategy:

  • Virtual  intensives
  • Monthly retainers
  • Quarterly planning sessions

Prices start at $997 USD

Apply for a complimentary strategic assessment to learn more, discuss your needs, and see which package is best for you.

Project Management

Looking for some support with your next project, so you can get your head out of the weeds, and know that you have a trusted partner in place who will be there to implement and execute for you like a boss?

That’s where I come in. Working with me to take over the management of your project(s) will free up your time and mental capacity to focus on the big picture, visionary work that you love doing.

You can trust that your project will be managed with the utmost level of professionalism. And because I’m not just a task rabbit, but a forward-thinking problem solver, you can count on me to be five steps ahead at every turn, being proactive in preventing fires from starting.

Prices vary, based on your project scope.

Done for You Services

Is your business busting at the seams and in need of some organization, coordination, and high-level, white glove support? How would it feel to finally be able to work ON your business and not IN it all the time? Imagine you no longer have to be your own task-rabbit? Envision how helpful it could be to have a sounding board with your best interests at heart and your bottom line at the top of their priorities?

Together we take you from reaction-mode to high-vibe, proactive leadership by getting a grip on the existing bottlenecks and clearing the path to more streamlined and effective operations, so that you can live your best life as your business grows.

Save money with access to my team and I through this phase of growth, by avoiding to hire a permanent placement.

I work with you to get the job done so you’ve not left feeling overwhelmed, wondering how you’ll ever actually implement and execute all of your brilliant strategies.

Apply for a complimentary strategic assessment to learn more, discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit.